Get real-time view of how much energy will cost your business in the future

Simply log in anytime, anywhere, and see the latest position of your future energy budgets. It’s energy market information that’s specifically design just to tell you about what you need to know; how much your energy is going to cost you and when to buy.

Insights on all devices
  • Buy your energy on the go

    Secure your future energy costs in a simple and timely fashion - wherever and whenever.

  • Support and guidance on where and how to buy

    Use insight to create a simple purchasing strategy - receive text & email alerts informing you when to buy.

  • Save up to 40% on your energy costs

    Purchase smarter by using our simple budget tracking system and market intelligence reports.

  • Avoid hidden third party charges

    See how your budget fluctuates in line with wholesale market movements - without the worry of hidden costs.

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